14th December 2002.


Family Day in Batu Tiga (BT3), Shah Alam. ( Our club last event held there as it will be closing down )

Our family day was a greet success. But sadly the BT3 management comes late and delay our event.. Anyway we still manage to achieve almost all our objectives. Even though schedule of our Family is a bit different from the one which are planed earlier due to some unwanted reason but it's still was a great success.



Members start to arrive.


Almost all the members and guests arrived. The committee checks everyone at the parking entrance to ensure no unwanted people to sneak in. Member who are participate on the car show register themselves with the committee and start lining up at the entrance..


Committee arrange a line up order for members to park their car in the car park. Members with view cam and camera (cameraman)  takes this opportunity to take some photos and clips.


BT3's management arrive. All members and quests register themselves at the entrance booth. Show car participants have priority in this procedure. The show car participants enter the circuit and park their car at the 1st to 3rd pit. Then the rest of the members and guests enter the circuit and park their car in the pit.


Ok. Everyone in the circuit. And gather around the car show's pit area. Cameraman get their camera and view cam ready. One by one of the car show participant introduce a little about their car, then they pop up the hood. The cameraman start their job.. And the others members fill up the show car contest form. As promise we had our refreshment in the canteen. (own comments the food is just so-so)


All members 'start your engine'. Everyone moving one by one into the track and get lines up. And once again the cameraman take photo and clips. And we got 60 Hondas on the track! As soon as everyone get onto the track, our president had the honor to start the event. One follow by another we start to parade around the track lead by our president. 1st lap, everyone going slow and steady and the track is not in good condition. There is sand at a few corners. 2nd lap, this round we go a little faster then previous. Everyone know which corners is not in condition and extra caution when hitting those corners. 3rd lap, everyone seems to know the track condition well by now. So everyone... even our president who leads the parade go kinda fast. But not into Vtec zone.. So everyone is going fast trying to catch up with the car in front.

Our HCOC parade lap is successful.



Now it is the time for real action. It is time for track session. All members check their car, tyres, putting their helmet on and get ready hit the track. This event went off for 45 minutes. During the event you can see cars going in and out the track. And the rest of the members who didn't take part watch the event from the front straight. All the participant enjoy the track session very much.

The track session is another success.


Time for some tyres burning action. We start off the drag session. Some drag monsters are already waiting impatiently in the pit lane. Most of the member go down on the track and drag for a few round. Everyone who did the drag that day enjoys it.

Another success for the drag session.


We try to have one more track session. A few of the members hit the track and manage to do a few laps around the track. But have to end this session as it start raining. We don't want anything bad to happen. We left the track around 2:00pm. We have lots of fun that day. A lot of the sleeping members turns up.


Thanks to those who came and make this event so wonderful and successful. Also also thanks to those who helps out in organizing this event. We hope to have another similar event next year. And out president plans to make this an annual event for HCOC. Hope to see more cars and members next Family Day.


~ Some photograph taken during the event ~


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